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UNI (You & I) provides businesses of all shapes and sizes – from start-ups and small businesses to established firms seeking a new direction and enhanced growth – the same quality web design and strategic marketing services previously available only to much larger organizations. We tap our founder’s 20+ years marketing experience with expertise across a full array of industries and business typologies including real estate, municipal governance, technology, small business, restaurant and hospitality, and not-for-profit. Utilizing a customer-centric, personal approach, UNI matches technology and graphic design capabilities with full service agency experience and professionalism. This grants our clients access to industry knowledge and insights rarely available to start-ups, small, and mid-sized businesses. The result is the highest quality web design, branding, and marketing services, all within a budget you can afford. Simply put, we are good enough for the Fortune 500, but affordable enough for you.  Ready to tell YOUR STORY?  UNI :  Let’s do this together!

Our Mission

UNI enables our clients to project an image of strength and confidence utilizing our world class web design, branding, and strategic marketing services that fit (almost!) any budget.

Our Vision

Our proprietary and efficient process enables us to deliver solutions to our clients that were once only accessible only to large corporations, at a cost they can afford.

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About Our Founder

Our Founder, Brandon Palanker, has over 20 years of experience across a full array of strategic marketing, branding, and business management practices. He has held multiple executive positions in marketing and business management, including a dozen years leading all marketing and communications as Principal of real estate development firm Renaissance Downtowns.

Brandon has created and executed multiple short and long-term marketing strategies, led efforts to write numerous strategic business and marketing plans, facilitated branding and positioning processes, and directed a full array of omnichannel marketing efforts. 

His efforts at Renaissance Downtowns propelled the company from a start-up to one of the NY Tri-States most active developers, with a development pipeline in excess of $10 Billion within a decade of its inception. Brandon also has significant experience with start-ups, not-for-profits, technology firms, public relations and engagement, and municipal affairs.

Brandon currently serves as a Partner at Top Right Partners, a full-service marketing agency based in Atlanta, Georgia, which serves a full array of corporate and municipal clients. He is also Principal at 3BL Strategies, which focuses on public engagement and development strategies for the public and private sector.

Brandon founded UNI to create a platform designed not just large clients who can’t afford a $20,000 a month retainer, but rather to serve the needs of business owners who are taking the first steps toward fulfilling the American Dream.

What we do

Websites, Logos, Copy Writing, Strategic Consulting, Marketing Materials, & More

Yes, we have the capabilities to do it all, but our “work smart” approach lets us deliver the highest quality work within a budget you can afford.  While we can “do it all” let’s start where you need it most and talk about upping your website, fine tuning (or creating!) your brand, and projecting to the world just how amazing a company YOU are!

How do we deliver Agency quality at a fraction of the cost?

UNI has found a way to reduce our costs – while increasing our capabilities.  Those savings and functionalities are passed along to you.

UNI complements our internal abilities by utilizing a network of best-in-class firms to provide services catered to your specific needs and budget.  Our web design and logo creation services powered by X8 Marketing – a rising leader in the industry and a great asset for our clients. We complement their groundbreaking approach to creative design with a deep knowledge of marketing communications, branding, and business strategy.

The result is you get to work with principals, not merely some account executive fresh out of school.  Our deep network of professionals throughout the marketing industry provides a deep bench to meet any needs you may have, from web and logo design, to strategic marketing and branding, market research and insights (industry and geographically specific), copy writing and editing, ghost writing, and even the creation and implementation of fully fleshed marketing and business plans.


We have worked with UNI’s founder, Brandon Palanker, on a range of marketing needs, and were so impressed we hired him for a client to teach a class on marketing for their entrepreneurship program! UNI’s ability to provide immediate impact for companies of all sizes is truly amazing!

Victoria: Rodriguez Minowitz , Founder & Owner, VRM Social Impact Consulting

I have had the pleasure to work with UNI’s principals for strategic marketing, copywriting, and white papers throughout the course of my professional career. They would be an asset for anyone that has web design, writing, or strategic marketing needs, whether as part of a startup or a Fortune 500 company. Brandon and his team are a true asset for businesses of any size and I know his dedication to quality is without comparison.

Kelsey Berry, Senior Marketing Specialist 

UNI provides access to the most acute marketing minds I know – any company would be fortunate to work with such an amazing team!

Brandon R., Regional Marketing Director for Fortune 500 Company

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